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Dawn Emily Ottman

     In 2004, Dawn moved to South Dakota. After vocational rehab and a teaching assignment at the School of Mines in Rapid City, SD, it was concluded that she was unable to work a typical 9-5 job. So, she started to her own business to work on her invention ideas. 
With experience in satellite electrical power and knowledge of wind and other renewable energy technologies, she has figured out what to do with an idea. Her ideas have everything to do with renewable energy.  In 2005, CanDew Scientific was a startup and initially, all work was done in Dawn's garage in Lemmon, South Dakota.  Her 1st Patent was submitted in early 2007, her 2nd Patent was submitted in 2008, and her 3rd in 2015.
  Dawn also shares her knowledge in renewable energy by conducting workshops and lectures. She is an experienced motivational speaker.

     Dawn's extensive background in test engineering and military communication systems, satellite electrical power subsystems, and project management has aided her throughout the process of R&D.
  Dawn also served in the Canadian Air Force as a technician, a technical instructor, and after achieving a degree at university in 1991, she continued to serve in the military but now as an Engineering Officer. 
She has a Space Science degree from
Royal Military College
and graduated as Canada's 1st Woman Space Scientist. 

     Dawn's experience in research and development comes from her work with Military satellite projects with the Canadian Armed Forces.  She worked at the Department of National Defence's Satellite Engineering Group at National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa on NATO and NORAD projects including RadarSat.

     In 1995, Captain Dawn Ottman retired from the military and moved to Arizona where she worked for Motorola as a Test Engineer on the Iridium Satellite System. She was soon promoted to Test Team Lead and then Senior Engineer. 
As a test engineer, she has experience with software development, automation test software development, website design, computer network architecture, and team leadership. 
Dawn loved working for Motorola and in 1999 when Motorola asked her to move to Massachusetts to join their Cable Data Products Group as the Test Team Lead for the development of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) development project, she moved to Boston. nbsp;

     While in Massachusetts, Dawn moved to a new employer and took on new work challenges at EMC Corporation where she developed an automation test capability. A year later, she was promoted to Principal Engineer. 
In 2003, Dawn fell down the stairs at work and sustained a closed head injury.  Damaged was the body's balance center. After a few years of relearning to walk and adjusting to being a disabled person, Dawn made the decision to work when she could. 
Being unable to work a traditional work schedule doesn't make a person useless!   So, Dawn still works.....she works when she can.

     In her spare time, Dawn is a poet and a writer.  Her first book, "Rebecca, White Medicine Woman," spread the story about her great-grandmother who was a homesteader near Lemmon, South Dakota.  This historically based fiction is made even more interesting by being written ENTIRELY in cowboy poetry.  Dawn has completed the work on her next book which is called "UnWelcome" and it will be published in the spring of 2017. In this book, Dawn will tell stories from her 20 year military career and the struggles she faced resulting in PTSD. 

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