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System and Method for Restarting a Wind Turbine Using Clean Energy


SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RESTARTING A WIND TURBINE USING CLEAN ENERGY: This is a solar and wind energy collection system, wherein solar power is gathered to perform the task of restarting the wind turbine. The system includes a wind turbine assembly with the wind turbine assembly including a plurality of wind turbine blades, a 5 control system, a wind turbine blade positioning motor, a support structure, a solar energy collecting system including a thin film solar amorphous silicon photovoltaic material secured to the wind turbine support structure, and a wind turbine blade positioning control system that is operatively connected to the solar energy collecting system and the wind turbine blade positioning motor.

PATENT ISSUED: SOLAR POWERED CHRISTMAS (LED) LIGHT: This is a SOLAR RECHARGEABLE Decorative light that is characterized by a bright long lasting LED and long lasting energy source.

           A Christmas light without wires.

The light assembly is constructed with a small, flexible solar array and is manufactured on a variety of traditional Christmas/Decorative light sizes including C6, C7, and C9. The LED light has a nearly unbreakable lens holder for illumination and which allows for a variety of color options.

The rechargeable energy storage device that powers the light is electrically coupled to a flexible solar array and the miniature solar array is mounted on the casing. It's size and efficiency has been maximized to collect as much ambient light/solar energy as possible. 

In addition, this new light assembly is designed with a clip that allows it to be attached/mounted to a variety of indoor and outdoor structures including Christmas Trees, bushes, and structures (i.e. your home

Did we mention that it has no wire?

        NO WIRES!

We have substantially reduced the safety hazards inherent in today's Holiday lighting displays. And, with no HUGE electric bill in January (even with the largest of light displays), the bills from our holiday season will be easier to tackle.



Hybrid Wind Turbine with Solar Power


An environmentally friendly combination of wind turbine and thin film solar energy collectors are provided.  Solar thin film photovoltaic material is secured to the surface of the wind turbine tower.   At a System's Engineering Workshop held by NREL, we learned that when wind turbines are stopped, the restart power is provided by a diesel generator when grid power is unavailable.

Call me crazy, but since when did Diesel suddenly become a renewable energy source? Hasn't anyone every heard of LCMM? Refueling and testing a diesel generator is man-power intensive. And, if the wind turbine is stopped due to foul weather, how is a person supposed to get out to the wind turbine (or the turbines of a wind farm) so that they can be restarted? I live in the Dakotas (a.k.a. "the Saudi Arabia of wind energy") and when the storms/blizzards hit here, there's no going anywhere even long after the storm has passed!

A smarter solution is using the power provided by the solar PV on the wind turbine is provide the restart power while continuing to depend on renewable energy. In addition to the advantage that the wind turbine energy output is augmented by the solar power output on a day-day basis, the whole system can be remotely controlled by a power management program. In this way, not only is the solar power energy that is generated part of the overall power collection, a more reliable backup system is in place: one that can be managed remotely.

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