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Comments Received by the Calgary Science Center after Keynote Address by Dawn Ottman

"Amazing!  What a remarkable woman who's done so much from so little.  A great role model.  I can only hope to achieve half the things she has."

"I think the keynote presentation was so amazing! I'm very glad that she told everybody that women are just as smart as men.  I hope to be like her."

"She was really funny and did not bore us.  I really enjoyed it."

Advised that entertaining her audience, ensures that her message is remembered, Dawn thoroughly enjoys entertaining her audience during motivational speeches.

 Beauty & Brains Conference

Keynote address before a series of Solar Energy Workshops were provided to Calgary's young women.

Telus World of Science, Calgary, Alberta

"Dawn Ottman's many accomplishments make her an exemplary role model for today's youth,"  - B. Churchman, B.Sc., M.Sc., Public Programs Coordinator, Telus World of Science, Calgary

Women In Science Conference

Discovery Center, Pierre, South Dakota

CEO Dawn Ottman encourages young women in Middle and High School to consider careers in science in keynote speech at Women In Science Conference.


Dawn Ottman has developed and delivered workshops to First Nation youth groups, middle and high school students, at community centers, and at science centers.

She can personally tailor a workshop for you.

Community Outreach

Because we are a strong advocate of education and teaching about renewable energy, Dawn knows that interactive workshops are a very effective way to learn about Renewable Energy


We are about......Energy Conservation

and developing

New ways to use........Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Workshops

Dawn Ottman tailors and then delivers unique solar energy and wind energy workshops to First Nation youth groups, Middle and High school students, science center groups, community center outreach groups and summer camps with the option of interactive hands-on workshop available.

Interested in Setting Up a Workshop?  Send an Email   or  Call  605-374-4247

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